About Us


Successfully completing a Building Industry National Joint Council apprenticeship in October 1971, young Robert Hercock started work as a fully qualified Carpenter/Joiner.  He started practicing his trade with a local company but soon became disillusioned with the restrictions imposed upon him by his employer.  So, in 1974 he started to work for himself, and in 1978 he chose Bob Builders as a trading name.  After a slow start, he started to branch out by hiring sub-contractors for parts of a job for which he was not qualified and by the early 1990’s he had a nucleus of employed craftsmen and sub-contractors and was able to take on fairly substantial jobs.

Now, in 2017, I have decided that, as I have reached retirement age, I no longer want to undertake the large projects that I used to. However, I can still rely on many of the same sub-contractors for tasks for which I am not qualified so I can still carry out a wide range of work.

I will continue to trade as Bob Builders and will undertake most types of general, domestic work but will concentrate on carpentry and joinery. Bob Builders will continue to maintain full Public Liability Insurance.


I am gradually revising this site to reflect my retirement but if you find any errors or misrepresentations I apologise for these and would ask that you let me know so that I can correct them. Thank you.