There is increasing legislation affecting both builders and our customers and full details can generally be found on Government web sites but a few high impact items are shown below. Bob Builders never knowingly contravenes any legislation or regulation.

Health & Safety at work
Bob Builders is fully aware of dangers which may be present in building site situations and makes every effort to minimise such dangers to our staff. However, customers are reminded that these situations apply to them also and should take reasonable precautions to prevent injury. Our staff will make every effort to advise customers of any perceived dangers, but in their own interest customers must take great care during the course of works.

Quality of materials
The quality of many materials is now regulated and customers should be aware of this as cheaper sub-standard materials are available. Bob Builders will offer advice on standards and will make every effort to ensure that all materials used conform to these standards. Recent inclusions to quality standards are: Glass and glazed products and wood board products.

Competence certification of staff/work
In certain cases it is necessary to obtain safety certificates and it is always wise to retain full details of major works carried out as these can be useful when buying or selling a property.

  1. Gas – must be certified by a Gas Safe registered engineer who will issue a certificate detailing the work. Boilers and fires should be regularly serviced and inspected.
  2. Electric – major works should be carried out by a registered engineer who will issue a NIECA (or equivalent) certificate detailing the work.
  3. Other trades are not yet subject to any legislative controls.
  4. Planning Permission is required in most cases where a building is to be erected or a building is extended or radically altered. Bob Builders can advise whether permission is required and can obtain such permission. Where permission has been granted it must be ‘signed off’ by the local authority on completion.
  5. Building Control certificates are granted during the building process and indicate that the work completed and materials used (if applicable) are to the satisfaction of the local authority inspector.
  6. Guarantees – unless backed by insurance (or similar) are not worth the paper they are written on. For this reason Bob Builders does not issue guarantees except in the case of damp proof treatment where a trade backed guarantee is available if required (for a small fee).

Disposal of waste
There are increasing restrictions on disposal of waste as the drive for recycling increases. There are three legitimate forms of disposal and Bob Builders does not dispose of any waste by any other means.

  1. Landfill – the majority of building waste is not recyclable so is disposed of to landfill Where waste is disposed of in this way the Government Landfill Tax is paid by Bob Builders. In many cases it is necessary to leave a skip on customers premises for this purpose.
  2. Where waste can be recycled we do this.
  3. Controlled waste – disposal of asbestos, vehicle tyres and refrigeration equipment and other hazardous materials have to be passed to or be removed by registered agents and charges for such disposal are paid by Bob Builders.